Wedding photography:
There’s as many desires as there is different souls. So I customize the wedding offer to each pair individually.

Beside photographing your special day, you may order any of available additional services: pre-wedding photoshooting, production of your photo-book, video slideshow, photobooth setup, printing photos on the spot. The length of shooting is flexible (3 to 16 hours or multiple days). In proportion to the length of photography and your choice of additional services, prices range between 600 and 4000+ eur (travel costs and daily fees not included). I also work with some of the video productions (Yes Films, Nostalgia).

In all cases, two professional photographers will be present at the event, it’s the only way to provide highest quality of service. I am working in pair with internationally exhibited artist, Nejc Trampuž (B.Sc. Vis. Com.).

Spatial design:
Photographs are very important for presenting your project to the general public. Most people who know about the project will probably never experience it first person, they will get familiar with it through descriptions and photos. The plans and described concepts may not be understood by everyone, on the other hand, photography is a universal medium of communication. That’s why you need the best possible photos.

I offer expert and professional photography of your completed project. I’m photographing all kinds of designed spaces, specializing in external arrangements.

Portrait photography:
We share a common goal, to record your most aesthetic photograph!

Together we discuss the aim of our shooting, the idea of the concept, what kind of setting we want in a photo. We acquire the necessary props, organize the day and coordinate the schedules. On the day of the shooting, you will be refreshed by a professional hairdresser and make-up artist (provided by Studio Snip Snap). After the photoshoot, we gradually make a selection together. The final result is a couple of best photos, which are
completely selectively processed, and a few with standard processing.

Professional photoshoots of younger children and newborns can also be arranged. In case of a newborn child, I will be assisted by a graduated nurse.