Meet Jure


Whatever I photograph, I always strive for simplicity and purity in the transmission of a desired motive. I love to have order in my frame and when I see chaos trough the viewfinder, I search for a way to organise it. Depending on the type or central motif of photography, I adapt the method of constructing the shot, feeding information, telling the story.

I think my speciality is in attention to detail, every part of the photograph has been thought out and has its purpose. I don’t like leaving things to chance; probably the result of my education, I would best describe the profession as a practical functional art. I also have advanced knowledge of photo processing. I have been processing and editing photos since I was thirteen years old, even before I knew how to use the camera, I made my first retouches for local magazines.

I pay most attention to the following fields of photography: spatial design in terms of landscape architecture, wedding photography and portrait photography.

I like the idea of specialising in one field, but I also appreciate the power of dynamism and diversity. With activities in multiple areas, I find it easier to maintain an objective and self-critical view of my work, while encouraging my inner drive at the same time.

Little bit of biography:
I have liked to occupy myself with cameras since I was a little kid, admiring my grandfather’s Polaroid. I’ve been an active photographer since I was about eighteen years old, and started my studies. Initially, it was a way of sustaining my study life, without neglecting study obligations. Useful experience presented themselves in most diverse fields: I photographed various public events, numerous weddings and birthday anniversaries, covers for musical records, promotional material for election campaigns and various products. I dealt with fashion, sports and concert photography. I also made thousands of photos during free time, travelling around Europe, one of which was awarded a silver medal by the Photographic association of Slovenia. I learned to use the camera in most diverse ways and gained much needed experience.

After completing my studies of landscape architecture (MSc, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty), my goal is to photograph my field of expertise and become the best photographer of designed spaces. The latter was also the subject of my master’s thesis (Photographic Presentation of Designed Landscape). I am distinguished by a unique combination of very specific knowledge of photography and landscape design, fields I want to merge and combine in the best possible way.

At the same time, I do not want to lose touch with areas that started my photographic career: portrait and wedding photography.

Wedding photography fills me with a positive adrenaline, as I take pictures of incredible and important moments, always on a happy day and in company of happy people. The trust of the newlyweds entails me with confidence and the atmosphere relaxes me. As I contribute my part, I enjoy the experience every once again.

Portrait photography is a challenge at a completely different level. I put all my energy into the aesthetics of a single photo, the rule is quality over quantity. All the preparations, photographing, and working on my computer is focused on one clear goal: to showcase the person in the best possible way. It is a completely different kind of pleasure, where I can hardly wait for the final result.